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MMA series

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MMA series

● Advanced IGBT single tube inverter technology is adopted;

● High load continuity, continuous welding;

● The control circuit adopts reliable PWM control technology, with good constant current, stable welding current, accurate control and superior performance;

● The internal structure has three prevention functions (dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion) to improve the reliability of the machine in harsh environment:

MIG series

●  It has the functions of manual arc welding and gas shielded welding;

●  Digital display, welding parameters can be preset accurately;

●  Adopt waveform control technology, improve molding and reduce splash;

● The wire feeding speed is stable without electromagnetic noise; High frequency inverter, small size, light weight, energy saving and power saving;

CUT series

●  IGBT switch inverter technology, small size, light weight, easy to move; Self locking / non self locking function;

●  High concentration of arc energy, narrow cutting opening, less slag hanging, smooth cutting surface and high perpendicularity; External NC interface, matching with NC cutting machine;

●  It has the functions of: front gas time, one-dimensional arc current - slow rise time - perforation current - perforation time - cutting current - slow fall time - arc closing current - back gas time. It can change parameters and cut according to different process requirements.

TIG series

●  DC Constant Current TIG and manual arc welding

●  Adjustable parameters of manual arc welding: adjustment function of thrust current, inflection point voltage, arc striking time and arc striking current. It can adapt to long and short cable welding by setting inflection point voltage; By setting the arc striking time, the success rate of arc striking is greatly improved;

●  Wide current regulation range, small current can reach 8A; Low no-load voltage (about 22V), more safe and reliable; Intelligent management of fans to prolong the service life of fans and reduce the failure rate;

MZ series

● IGBT switch inverter technology, energy saving and reliable; Light weight, small volume, easy to move;

●  Both have constant current / constant voltage characteristics, and the diameter of welding wire is 3.0 ~ 6.0mm, which is suitable for any non-ferrous metal;

●  The wire feeding device is driven by two wheels and elastically pressed to ensure stable and reliable wire feeding;

●  A variety of trolleys can be selected to meet the needs of different welding positions;

●  It has the functions of arc starting - slow descent - Welding - arc filling - back burning, and adjusts the parameters according to different process requirements to meet different users.

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