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Maintenance/Refurbishment/Replacement Service Requirements:

1, Refundable within seven days

Since the date of sale by the dealer, the new machine is unqualified and cannot be repaired, the whole machine has good appearance, no dust, dirt, no scratch.

2, welding machine warranty for one year, free warranty within one year (the definition of one year starts with the date of the nameplate, fast socket, fan, handle, wire feeder switch, welding gun, cutting gun and other vulnerable parts are not within the warranty scope)

This article applies to the warranty period, in the normal use of the state, after sale service is confirmed to be quality reasons caused by the fault, the company provides free maintenance, free of charge to provide accessories, the resulting freight are collect.

3, Although the following conditions are within the warranty period, they can only be repaired, not refurbished or returned

A. Due to improper use of the fault: such as man-made damage, collision and broken (except logistics transportation), rain immersion

B. Faults not caused by repair or modification by the company's designated personnel

C. Damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquake, fire, etc

4. Maintenance and renovation fee regulations

If the above conditions are not met, the agent shall outsource the maintenance or renovation, and the company will charge (only the cost fee). If the renovation conditions are met, the civil machine (single pipe) will be charged 50 yuan per machine, and the industrial machine will be charged 100 yuan per machine. Can not meet the refurbishment conditions, can only repair, special type welder for another discussion.

5. Random accessories

A. The goods will not be returned (changed) after the use of accessories (such as welding torch, cutting gun, carbon dioxide meter, wire feeder and cable, etc.)

6, other

During the warranty period, please show this warranty certificate to the warranty personnel (photos can also be), if lost, although there will be a service charge during the warranty period, please keep it properly

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